Conservation Plan

In May 2019, the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) used a bridge loan to buy the property from Ian and Kathryn McLean who generously sold it at a deep discount. A fundraising effort is now underway to cover the $813,000 cost of buying and permanently conserving this land. So far, we have secured $210,000 from Vermont Forests, Parks & Recreation and another $224,000 from the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board. Private donations or pledges now total $180,000.

This leaves $200,000 to raise so that VLT can pay back the loan and give the land to the State of Vermont to be sustainably managed as part of Okemo State Forest. A conservation easement will ensure the land’s long-term protection.

We need your help to meet this goal.

Please make your donation today.

Donate online:

Visit and select ‘Okemo Wildlife Corridor’ from the drop-down menu.

Donate by mail:

Send check, made payable to the Vermont Land Trust with “Okemo Wildlife Corridor” in the memo line, to:

Vermont Land Trust
8 Bailey Avenue Montpelier, VT 05602

Mount Holly Conservation Trust
Printable copy of our Case Statement

Okemo Wildlife Corridor

The Mount Holly Conservation Trust, the Vermont Land Trust, and the State of Vermont are working to protect forever a 346-acre property in Mount Holly that connects the southern part of the Green Mountain National Forest with Okemo State Forest. This will guarantee that animals, increasingly on the move due to climate change, will have the uninterrupted habitat they need—a safe corridor—for traveling to find food, mates, and new territory.

We will protect:

  • A critical link in a 100-mile wildlife corridor that connects the southern Green Mountain National Forest, Okemo State Forest, Coolidge State Forest, and the northern Green Mountain National Forest.
  • Pristine land that is the source of the West River, Branch Brook, and Mill River.
  • Healthy high-elevation forest, streams, and wetlands that support an abundance of wildlife.
  • Land the public can enjoy for dispersed recreation; including existing VAST snowmobile and Catamount ski trails.